NFT Company
Overview of the project, history and our vision.
We are building a new UI to Crypto. Crypto is a universe of its own with many different worlds - DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, various layer 1s, layer 2s and consensus algorithms and many many different kinds of participants. Navigating this Universe is no easy task. There is no single UI to explore these worlds. We are set out to build one using NFTs with our project - NFT Company.


There are many ways the Crypto Universe UI could be built. We chose to do it via NFTs. You see, NFTs can be used for more than dumb jpegs. They can be programmable. Infinitely. They can be used as a gateway to Crypto.
The Cryptoverse can be entered via many doors. Gaming is one of them. DeFi is another. NFTs can unlock this door elegantly. They let you traverse the Cryptoverse smoothly. They let you access yield farms with far less effort than ‘traditional’ ways. They will make you a VC by bringing you alpha. They can make you an LP, a lender/borrower, insurance provider, liquidator and staker all at the same time. They build your decentralized reputation as a side effect. They are the magic carpets that let you fly through the DeFi sub-universe.
The DeFi NFTs we are building function like crypto wallets. They hold assets and interact with DeFi protocols. They can do so automatically on your behalf via extensions. An extension is simply a way for your NFT to attain a new capability; like the ability to interact with a specific DeFi protocol, e.g Uniswap or manage an interaction with a protocol - like auto managing your LP positions across ranges in Uniswap V3. What an NFT can do via extensions is only limited by one's imagination. All of the above applies to gaming as well. As well as any other use case. We think NFTs will be as generic and universal as the Browser.

What the Browser did to the Internet, NFTs will do to blockchains.


The Crypto Universe belongs to the people. It is built, governed and owned by the people. Mavrik labs is merely sparking the fire and kicking off the project. Our grand vision can be summarized as:

Bring a billion people into the Cryptoverse

A good place to start doing that is DeFi. DeFi is hella innovative. But DeFi builders are not good at translating their creations into easily digestible interfaces. With our DeFi NFTs, we aim to:
  • Bring DeFi to every investor
  • Make it easy and fun to participate
  • Help DeFi protocols find users
  • Popularize DeFi in the larger developer ecosystem
  • Find ways to let developers monetize their code
  • Create space for economists to innovate
  • Encourage right brain thinkers to innovatively combine DeFi legos
On a more general note, with our programmable NFTs, we aim to:
  • Build a large and robust library of NFTs with various capabilities
  • Make it easy for developers to create new applications using NFTs in gaming, finance, media etc
  • Position NFTs to serve any imaginable use case
  • Make NFTs something every person in the world has - like how everyone has a mobile phone or a social media profile
  • Make NFTs forms of expressions of an individual


There is only so much one centralized team can do. Given the broadness of NFTs, this project is best served by contributions from a wider set of people. We are currently at genesis and looking for more members to join the squad. An ideal genesis squad member:
  • Has a well defined core skill - writing code, making designs, marketing, community building, business development or anything that will get you paid handsomely in the real world.
  • Has bias towards building - products, community, any form of value.
  • Can talk to community members, form a set of hypotheses, test, refine and repeat.
  • Help other community members with no expectation of return.
  • Can hold a steady rhythm of conversations small and large and keep the community humming.
  • Every so often can drop a beat that energizes the entire DAO.


Any DAO member can contribute to any open problems. You can:
  • Write code
  • Create memes
  • Write docs
  • Design core products, marketing materials, emails
  • Create educational content
  • Bring more open problems to everyone's attention
We currently don't have a definition for what constitutes a contribution. But as long as there is tangible value created, you have successfully contributed.
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