NFT Company
Building blocks.
Core contracts serve as the building legos from which many different NFTs can be constructed. They can be mixed and matched for various capabilities. There are various core contracts:
  • Instance registry - a simple contract to keep track of instances created from a type
  • Proxy Factory - factory to create clones of an NFT type
  • EIP 712 - standard for hashing and signing typed structured data
  • EIP 1271 - signature checker. NFT owners can delegate permissions to others to act on their behalf via signatures. This contract helps verify those signatures
  • OwnableByERC721 - contract that allows for contract ownership by virtue of holding NFT corresponding to the contract instance
  • ERC20Vault - an NFT that can hold ETH and ERC20 tokens
  • ERC721Vault - an NFT that can hold ETH and ERC721 tokens
  • NFTCompanyFactory - factory that mints NFTs from various templates and extensions
To easily extend the core contracts, we have extension contracts. Extensions add additional capabilities/features to the NFT without changing its core contracts.
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