Extensions add new capabilities to NFTs.

Extensions make NFTs feature rich. What an extension can do is only limited by developers' imagination. Below are some possible extensions:

DeFi extensions

  • Compound NFT - extension that allows the NFT owner to interface with the Compound protocol.

  • Swap NFT - extension that allows token swaps.

  • Lottery NFT - extension that allows participation in loss less lotteries.

  • Loan NFT - extension that allows owners to take out an interest free/self repaying/regular loan.

  • DEX NFT - extension that allows others to exchange assets with the NFT. Think of this as a mini Uniswap. The NFT owner keeps all the fees from trades.

Gaming extensions

  • Breed and Battle NFT - extension similar to Axie Infinity.

  • Twitter celeb NFT - extension that allows Twitter celebs to make use of their Twitter clout.

  • Battle royale NFT - extension that has game elements from the likes of Fortnite.


  • Governance NFT - extension that allows owners to vote on governance proposals. Cam be specific to a protocol or generic.

  • Social media NFT - can you re-imagine your instagram account as an NFT? Each post is a mini NFT that is contained by the account NFT

Possibilities are endless.